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Paul's a humble lad who has worked with many top directors and ad agencies, on both coasts. He is a
soft-spoken, creative collaborator who brings to each job an eye for composition, an ear for nuance, a nose
for performance... it’s actually quite disgusting. 


Fresh off the streets of New York with an MA in Cinema Studies, Paul got his start in post as Jacques Dury’s apprentice in the early 90’s (Decoupage, Los Angeles). He joined nascent shop King Cut, blossomed as an editor to ooohs and aaahs then went on to cut at editorial houses FilmCore SF and Mad River Post, LA. He has cut spots for many notable campaigns such as EA Sports, Southwest Airlines, Chevy, Nike, Travel Alberta, GTE, Verizon, Subway, Pedigree, PacifiCare, ADT, Chili’s, Jiffy Lube and more, garnering a variety of awards along the way. And yet he yearns for more creative challenges and freedom. 


In the midst of this traditional commercial work, Paul has also cut two feature films. He was the primary editor on the cult hit sex-comedy The Oh in Ohio, starring Parker Posey, Paul Rudd and Danny DeVito, directed by Billy Kent. Paul followed this with the indie teen-angst comedy HairBrained, starring Alex Wolff and Brendan Fraser, dir Billy Kent.  In addition, Paul has been summoned to help out on a few documentaries as well. 


Low-key, talented, easy to work with...  these are just some of the terms his young daughters use to describe him. He's an explorer by nature, a student of language, with a shady background in sculpture and food. He respects ingredients, knows how to cut and layer, and what fire can do to the soul. Above all, he appreciates the practical and impractical joke, as an art form. Not that he engages in that sort of thing. 


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